Kids Piano Lessons

One of our favorite lesson types to give is kids piano lessons. Virginia Beach Piano Lessons caters to all ages. Generally speaking, we suggest waiting until age 5 for kids piano lessons to begin, however exceptions to that rule are always welcome. At this level, lessons are catered to your child’s attention span, as well as hand size and coordination. Variations to songs and song structures are created to ensure song playability and overall enjoyment. WE ARE NOT THE PIANO TEACHERS TO TEACH SCALES OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVERY WEEK! We cater each lesson to ensure that your child is enjoying the instrument while still learning the dynamics of playing an instrument and the importance of structure and practice. Learning to play the piano is proven to help mental growth, retention, and mathematics. If you are interested in enrolling your child into piano lessons, please contact us today.

Family Discounts Are Available*

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